About Reid

There’s nothing I love more than a challenge and a house certainly offers plenty of those.

When I bought my first house I knew that I’d be occupied for a good couple of years, but I had no idea how many little skills and that tricks that I would pick up whilst transforming a husk of a 2-bed house into the home of my dreams. Thankfully I had the internet on my side, not to mention a handy team of friends and family that were along with me every step of the way.

In this sporadically updated blog I’ll be taking a look back over the various technical (and emotional) challenges that I came up against when I was doing up my very first home. Unfortunately, due to how busy I was during these years I didn’t take quite as many photos as I’d liked to have done, but thankfully the internet has more than enough resources for me to be able to draw from. I’ll try to give credit where it’s due!

As with everything else that you read on the internet, I’d recommend taking my stories with a pinch of salt. It’s been a few years since work has been completed on the house (although I’m still finding myself attending to bits and piece here and there), so my memory of how things were done has deteriorated somewhat. Thankfully, I’ve got the house itself to remind me of what went down in those few years.

Join me for musing, memories and insights into how a complete DIY-dunce transforms a tired-old house into a comfy home.