Doors, Windows and Other Such Portals

Once the walls had been completed, it looked like things were really starting to come together. It had taken a good two months of hard graft to smooth down the rough walls to a pint where I was confident sticking some paint on them. Those two months had been slow and demoralising in equal measure; my progress was a little difficult to see, especially as I was completely new to all these skills.

I’d been a desk jockey for a years, so not only was I unfit, but I was also woefully unequipped to the task of decorating a house. The only tools I had at my disposal were the budget supplies I’d picked up from B&Q and YouTube.

Stuck within my limited budget as I was, I flat-out refused to part with the exorbitant money required to pay professionals to the do the job. I knew that the skills that I’d pick up on this job would be valuable and that this wouldn’t be the first house that I’d be renovating, so I got Googling and then got thoroughly stuck in. Putting the time in during this early phase was really rewarding and although it was difficult to see the initial progress, by the time the two months had passed my house was starting to resemble a home, although there were some rather important features missing: namely doors!

When you’re living as a bachelor there are a few necessities that you learn to live without. When I first moved into my new place, I understood that there was a lack of doors in the property. Alone as I was, this didn’t really bother me at first. Why would I need them?

In fact, during the first few weeks of settling into my new abode, the concept of a door-less home was practically liberating. I was free to wander through my new property unhindered my handles. I would drift seamlessly between kitchen, bedroom and bathroom; rejoicing in my new found freedom. An objection only arose when I had my first guests around. I’d gotten so used to my new door-free setup that I casually pointed my guests in the direction of the bathroom, without thinking that there would be an objection to my new care-free design. My parents insisted that very day to take me to find some doors for my new home.

Of course there were a series of modern interior doors that had been included in my initial design that I had planned on buying, but the expense (as well as my new found passion for door-free lifestyles) had led to me placing them at the very bottom of my priorities. My parents insisted that they be pushed to the top of my list, so off we went once more to the shops in order to pick out the doors that would suit my Scandi-style design.

Although I’d really enjoyed living my door-free life, I had to admit there was a certain comfort in having another piece of the puzzle in place. The rooms were much quieter with the modern doors in place and my Mother felt comfortable enough to visit the loo…