Getting Powered Up: DC-DC Converters & Home Audio

The relief of getting the ground floor of my home completed was something that I’d been looking forward to for some time. Although I’d felt a constant itch to leave my rented room, I’d at least felt comfortable enough to sit down and enjoy a bit of piece and quiet. From the first day of moving in to my new home I found it impossible to take a night off from renovation. The unfinished floors cried out to be sorted, the rough-hewn walls were a distracting eyesore and even the freedom of having no doors was one that was short lived.

Once all these important pieces of the design had been installed, I felt that I could finally start taking a step back and actually enjoy the home that I had spent so much time toiling over. My kitchen was one of the few parts of the house that was near enough completed when I moved in, so it was only the living room that needed properly kitting out. This was a room that I had grand plans for from the get-go, and I was keen to start funnelling my newly liberated time and money into creating the perfect space for me to be able to properly relax in.

Whilst I’m sure other people might have prioritised soft furnishings above hardware, I was keen to buy in the entertainment equipment that would provide me with hours of happy times. I’d carefully considered the dimensions of my room before ordering in the electronics, I didn’t want to dominate the minimal scandi-design that I’d spent to so long labouring over with a monolithic television and speaker set-up. I settled for a 32-inch television that would be just the right size and found a powerful (yet tidy) set of 5.1 Surround Sound speakers that would give me the clarity that I wanted without cluttering the space too much.

The electronic equipment that I ordered came from America, requiring me to also invest in a handful of military DC-DC converters. It might sound dorky, but it was these little technical tasks that I was looking forward to the most. Whilst getting the majority of the heavy-work done had provided me with some measure of satisfaction, it wasn’t until I was plugging in my brand new entertainment system that I started to get excited to start my life properly in my new home.

With the electronic entertainment system successfully installed, the only thing left to do was buy a sofa! Part of the joy of leaving rented accommodation is that you start to accumulate pieces of furniture and other item that you can afford to get emotionally attached to. Although I’ve belittled Ikea in the past, I found that they offered the best value for the style of sofa that I was looking for. I wanted a sofa-bed that offered me comfort, whilst also giving me options to have more folks stay the night should I ever get round to having a house-warming party…