Procurement Services

Reid Crowther's personnel are able to evaluate their client's needs at the early stages of any project and develop solutions particularly tailored to the specific requirements of that particular project. Reid Crowther's staff are able to assess needs and put together a team that will fully serve their clients procurement needs.

Once the project scope has been identified then Reid Crowther is able to set out a detailed implementation plan which will meet specific technical, fiscal and timeline needs. A Procurement Consultant will be assigned to take the Procurement from its inception through to its final deliverables.

In addition Reid Crowther has specialist engineers in its areas of endeavour who are highly skilled in their specialism and can also provide the engineering focus that is sometimes needed within procurement services.

Reid Crowther has recently undertaken several projects involving the procurement of vehicles ranging from 100cc Motorcycles through to Pick-up trucks, Cars and Buses. In Nigeria we are able to deal with any size assignment for procurement and have strategic partners with the appropriate skills if there is a need for maintenance contracts as part of the procurement package.

We are able to locate suitably trained and experienced maintenance personnel to carry out the routine servicing and repairs to the vehicle local to the area where the vehicle is being used day-to-day.

Whether the client needs are one motorcycle or a fleet of cars and buses, or even Helicopters, Reid Crowther will be able to give highly competitive pricing on any vehicle and any quantity.

Contract Hire and Leasing options can also be arranged subject to the usual financial constraints.

Proprietary Water Treatment Package Plant
Reid Crowther has undertaken several projects involving the procurement of proprietary water treatment plant and associated equipment, we offer a full design, installation, commissioning and training service for several world renowned manufactures.

We have procured simple technology low maintenance systems for several clients and have supplied full systems including borehole/well pumping, treatment systems, elevated storage tanks, distribution mains and pipework. Reid Crowther are happy to be associated with Blue Future Filters for these important projects

Power Generation
Reid Crowther is able to design and source electrical power equipment suitable for use in Nigeria. If costs are an issue, there is an active used and reconditioned generating equipment market which Reid Crowther is familiar with and which could be the source of cost effective power generation. The types of units suitable for use in Nigeria are:

  • Skid Generator Skid Diesel Electric Generators - Generally the largest unit available in this type would be about 2.75 MW. They have the advantage of being readily transportable and needing little preparation at the site. A gravel pad is generally sufficient for placement of the units which are often enclosed on their skid and thus protected from the environment without any need for a structure to enclose them. In terms of fuel they would generally operate on Number 2 diesel in North America and could be configured to run on natural gas if that is an option in terms of availability. Generally these units will not run on heavy fuel oil such as Bunker C fuel or similar products. Reid Crowther can design the facilities to accommodate these units and ensure that they are compatible with Nigerian conditions.
  • Oil Fueled Generator HousingLarger Heavy Fuel Oil Fired Generators - These units are available in much larger sizes and usually are available in the used market at sizes between 5 MW and 25 MW. The advantage on these units is that they are very robust and heavy, they generally operate at low rpm's meaning that they have a long life and are relatively simple to maintain. They will also operate on heavy fuel oil if configured correctly. The disadvantage is that they are large units and cannot be readily transported without disassembly prior to shipping and then necessary re-assembly at their new location. The costs of disassembly, shipping and re-assembly are very high however the most important aspect is that this work takes time and it means that this type of unit, while very suitable for use in the adverse conditions which pertain in Nigeria, have long delivery times.
  • Turbine Generator HousingTurbine Generators - These units are usually either trailer or skid mounted and are suitable for use in Nigeria, like the Diesel electric generators they are generally available in sizes up to 3 MW however it was felt that there may difficulties in the staff available to service and maintain these units.

Computers, UPS, Hardware, Software etc.
Reid Crowther has undertaken projects involving the procurement of a wide range of the very latest computers, UPS equipment, Hardware and Software packages, GPS equipment etc.

Office Furniture, Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Air Conditioning Equipment etc.
Reid Crowther has undertaken projects involving the procurement of items from office furniture, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, photocopiers, printers, PABX and telephone systems, Air Conditioning, down to paper and paper clips. Reid Crowther believes we can offer highly competitive prices and undertake full procurement services for their clients.

Typical Projects by Reid Crowther
Reid Crowther has undertaken a large variety of procurement projects, these include the following major assignments undertaken either directly for the local governments or funded through the World Bank or other Donor agencies

  • Supply of Generators to Kaduna Oil Refinery
  • Water Treatment and Power Supply for Ugborodo New Town (Procurement Phase)
  • Water Treatment and Power Supply for Dibi Water Treatment Plant (Procurement Phase)
  • Power supply for the Escravos Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Power Supply for the Satellite Town Sewage Treatment Plan
  • Procurement of Vehicles, motorcycles, computer systems, office equipment, office supplies etc. for several recent major projects including World Bank funded projects for FCT, Ondo State, Ekiti State and Lagos State Water.