Reid Crowther has the expertise to be able to design road systems both within a development or housing estate and also in areas where road upgrades or new roads are required. In the past a variety of road designs have been carried out with the largest most recent development being the road system to serve Ugborodu New Town where 15 kms. of onsite and offsite roads were developed to meet the needs of the community. (Construction not yet commenced).

Aerial Photo of Road Network

In Lagos State Reid Crowther was responsible for a significant road rehabilitation program which followed the construction of 800 km of water main in metropolitan Lagos. The total length of roads handled under this program exceeded 400 km.

A key issue in terms of road stability which is often overlooked in Nigeria is the issue of sub-base drainage. This matter is often ignored by Nigerian engineering groups responsible for road design, as a consequence the road foundations are weak and this is the reason for the extensive failure of the pavement systems which are so common in Nigeria.

Reid Crowther has the experience and awareness of these issues and is able to provide a road design which will meet the needs of the community for years to come.

Road Map