Water and Sewage

Scope of Services
Reid Crowther is able to offer complete services in all parts of the water sector beginning with feasibility studies for water supply, water treatment and distribution projects. Reid Crowther has the ability to carry the project to commissioning and handover. In summary turnkey services for all types of water sector projects are available through Reid Crowther.

If particular needs are required outside Reid Crowther's area of expertise, then Reid Crowther is able to provide those through its alliance and sub-contracting partners. Reid Crowther is offering complete project and construction management services enabling a complete turnkey project delivery methodology to its clients.

Water Supply Valve Installation

Water Supply Services
Reid Crowther is able to undertake the simplest technology options but is also able to offer sophisticated treatment processes dealing with some of the most difficult treatment issues including oil and water separation projects. The types of assignments which Reid Crowther has skill and experience in undertaking include:

  • Feasibility and Viability Studies - Reid Crowther is able to undertake studies and evaluations of potential projects developing cost estimates of assignments to assist its client's senior management teams in their decision making processes
  • Low Maintenance Technology Water Treatment - this technology often known as the LMC approach is particularly suited to the conditions in the developing world. This approach maximises the use of non-mechanical systems instead relying on hydraulic or natural processes rather than processes induced by mechanical systems which can be proprietary or otherwise. Reid Crowther are happy to be associated with Blue Future Filters for these important projects http://www.bluefuturefilters.com/
  • Pumping and Water Delivery Systems - Reid Crowther is able to design and fabricate pumping systems specifically designed for the particular applications that are conceived by the client organisation.
  • Sophisticated Water treatment and Delivery Systems - using its own resources and through its alliances, Reid Crowther is able to undertake large water supply projects which include evaluation of water source capacity, design of intake works and water treatment plants as well storage reservoirs and water distribution systems.

With the right conditions in place, Reid Crowther has access to financing which can be used to support the needs of Reid Crowther's clients and customers.

Typical Water Treatment Projects by Reid Crowther

Sewage and Wastewater Management Services
Reid Crowther's personnel have considerable experience in the design and implementation of a large variety of wastewater technology. Using this expertise Reid Crowther is able to offer a complete range of services to solve a wide range of wastewater treatment problems. The types of services which Reid Crowther is able to offer includes:
  • Feasibility and Viability Studies, Reid Crowther offers its Clients technical and financial evaluations of potential projects. Reid Crowther will develop cost estimates to assist in the decision making process of its clients.
  • Simple Sewage Treatment Systems, Reid Crowther is able to offer simple treatment systems which include lagoon systems for minimal maintenance and virtually no operational difficulties. This technology is very simple to operate however it has high land requirements which can be a disadvantage in some circumstances.
  • Sewage Pumping Systems, Reid Crowther is able to design and fabricate pumping systems which meet all needs developed by its Clients.
  • Wastewater treatment and Disposal Systems, using its own resources and through its alliances, Reid Crowther is able to undertake major wastewater and treatment projects. This includes the evaluation of the waste and the development of treatment technologies to deal with the problems identified.
Wastewater Treatment
A variety of technologies are available through Reid Crowther. Systems have been designed for retrofitting in overloaded plants thus enabling an increased longevity for existing facilities. In addition to applicability to the domestic field the units suit the following applications:
  • Primary clarifiers on new systems
  • Retrofits and upgrades for existing facilities
  • Sludge and biosolids management
  • Fish, meat and vegetable processing
  • Pulp and paper effluent treatment
  • Agricultural effluents

Package Wastewater Treatment Systems
Reid Crowther has access to a number of packaged wastewater treatment processes ideally suited for both offshore and onshore treatment facilities. The units include activated sludge treatment systems which when combined with the Primary Wastewater Treatment Systems outlined above form an effective and integrated treatment process.

Typical Waste Water Treatment Projects by Reid Crowther

Storm Water Drainage

International Expertise
Using sophisticated modelling techniques and specialists in this area of engineering practice Reid Crowther is able to develop solutions to many of the storm water and flooding problems which plague Nigeria during the rainy season. Reid Crowther has tackled and successfully solved drainage and flooding problems in many parts of the world where torrential rain is an issue needing good design and appropriate solutions.

Typical Storm Water Drainage Projects