What’s Underneath Your Floors?

Have you ever taken a peek under your floor boards?

Nine months into the project and my dream home was starting to emerge from amongst the woodwork. The walls, beautifully smooth and painted, filled each room with bountiful light and the doors added a certain luxurious quality that made my house feel even more finished, but now that I’d achieved a good standard of finish to a portion of the home, certain aspects were now standing out…

The scrappy, half-finished floors had seemed to be very much part of the ramshackle whole when I first moved in, but now that the rest of the place was starting to shape up the ripped carpets, patches of concrete and splintered boards looked a bit of a show. It was at times like this that I was relieved that my home was as small as it was. The thought of renovating the floors in a house any bigger didn’t bear thinking about.

In a perfect world I would have been able to afford real wooden floors to go downstairs, unfortunately the cost of said floors was prohibitive. The living room, kitchen, hall and bathroom floors all needed re-hauling, whilst all the carpets upstairs needed replacing. Another visit to B&Q was needed once more, this time to drop what would be the largest sum of money that I’d budgeted for…

Whilst real wooden floors would have broken the bank, the wooden laminate flooring that I was picking up was by no means cheap. After spending a good hour or so deliberating over the right shade of slate grey laminate, I laid down the cash, loaded up the car and lugged my flooring back home to lay it to rest.

The first job that I had ahead of me was stripping back the ground floor. There was a mish-mash of carpeting, tiles and bare floors that needed to be properly treated before I even thought of slotting together my new tiles. I’d relegated the task of pulling back the floors to the back of my mind for some time, knowing that it would be a back-breaking job, but finally the day had come to properly put my back into some hard labour.

Armed with a crow-bar and hammer, I gamely put by back into the task and promptly put my back out, apparently lifting out floors was going to be a more taxing task than painting some walls. After taking a ten-minute power nap, I limbered myself up and got back to the task applying a bit more caution than I had done before. Using the leverage of the crow bar and remembering to use my legs rather than my back for power I was able to make good progress, it took a fortnight of evenings to completely strip the floors, allowing to start the task of fitting the floors!

Once the floors were cleared, the task of fitting the laminate tiles was a surprisingly easy one. The simple design of these modern tiles meant that once the edges had been properly fitted, placing the bulk of the tiles took less than an hour. After nearly 4 weeks of labouring, my ground floor was finally finished and I could start to relax in my home.